Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Funny Career

So, I was thinking, as I inserted my finger into the rectum of a 60yr old gentleman, that this is a strange career choice.

Then, today I walked onto a surgical ward. I had to go past three police officers, then as I went onto the ward there were two more, each with biiiiiig machine guns...exactly like this:

Why? Because there are two guys on the ward who were stabbed and there's a concern that the guys who didn't kill them the first time are going to come back and try again.  This is all while I'm stood about half a metre from one of the guys.  Some guy comes on the ward shooting I'm worried he's not that good a shot...

1/3 of healthcare staff are abused at work, 1/10 are physically assaulted and there's a good chance at some point I'm going to seriously harm a patient in the future...

Funny career.