Saturday, 18 October 2008

Patients are COOL

I LOVE patients.  There are moody ones, boring ones, sometimes really nasty and mean ones but mostly they are lovely, kind and...well...patient.  

I met a lovely young lady this week.  I had to take a full history and then present my findings back to the Consultant.  As a result I had to take some blood for cultures (testing for bacteria) and the way I had to take it meant it was painful and I messed up a little and there was blood dripping down her arm on to the chair!  In fact, I had to get someone else to do it in the end...But, after recovering, funnily enough, she was very thankful and when I saw her the next day as she was going home she had a big smile and said thanks!

What's more, the older they get, the better.  The amount of times I've heard an older patient say "You've just got to make do haven't you?" or "It's not so bad is it really?"  or something like it in the face of illness, always with a cheeky grin, you'd have thought that getting ill wasn't so terrible!  They've got such a great attitude to life, is it just their generation or will we be like that when we're older?

Anywho, many Doctor has said that the only reason they enjoy working in the NHS is the patients and I can see why.

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